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Prohibited Mail, The Baker County Jail is not responsible for editing the content of the mail -- rather, the entire correspondence will be rejected.

The following mail is prohibited by the Baker County Jail for the safe, secure and orderly environment in promoting rehabilitation:
1. Mail used to initiate contact with the victim(s) of the alleged crime(s) they have committed, unless the inmate has prior authorization from the courts.
2. Correspondence between inmates in the Baker County Jail or other correctional institutions unless the parties are married or have prior approval.
3. Mail that contains threats of physical harm to any person or threats of criminal activity.
4. Mail that concerns sending contraband into or out of the Jail.
5. Plans to escape, or depictions or description of blueprints or operational details on an institution's security.
6. Letters written in code.
7. Gang related material.
8. Mail that is sensational. "Sensational" is defined as written or other printed materials that pose a direct and immediate threat to the safety and security of the Jail.
9. Sexually explicit mail.
10. Packages.
11. Polaroid type pictures, or nine (9) or more 4" x 6" pictures.
12. Stamps, address labels, stickers, bus passes, bookmarks, calling (phone) cards and stationary/envelopes.
13. Greeting cards larger than 81/2" x 10", that are padded, musical, have metal clasps, plastic, string, ribbon, confetti, glitter or laminated items. Any item that by design restricts the ability to search the item is not allowed.
14. Non-paper material, including cardboard, food and clothing items.
15. Any foreign substance, (lipstick, crayon, watercolors, paint, correction fluid, metallic ink, perfume, glue, tape, body fluids, etc.), on the envelope or any part of the mail.
16. Any device capable of storing electronic media, (videotapes, cassettes, CD-ROMs, and computer disks).
17. Any personal checks, business checks, cashier's checks or money orders.

Additional rules can be found in the Baker County Inmate handbook.

We trust you will find your Baker County Jail staff and operations to be positive and efficient. If you are unable to find answers to any of your concerns on our site, we want to help.

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